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Myah Selland of Sanborn Central/Woonsocket completed her career with 2,219 Points Scored.  The 2,219 Points Scored, Career places her in 13th place on the All-Time, High School Girls Scoring List.  In 12th place is Dana Neilsen of Armour, who had 2,310 during her career.  In 14th place is Abby Hora of Viborg-Hurley, who  had 2,134 Points Scored, Career.  Myah Selland was selected to the 2006-2015 All Decades Team after the 2016 season.

Ironically, Myah’s sister, Shelby is a member of the Augustana University Women’s basketball team.  Shelby’s teammates include: Dani Honer, Dana Nielsen’s daughter, and Abby Hora of Viborg-Hurley.




Carly Granum of Sioux Valley completed the 2017 season with 94 three pointers.  This is currently third, all-time, Three Pointers, Season:  Jill Young of Mitchell Christian had 105 Three Pointers, Season in 2005; Leanna Vitalis of Red Cloud had 96 Three Pointers, Season in 2016.

Kalee Granum of Sioux Valley (2012-2016) had 324 Three Pointers, Career.  This is third, all-time Three Pointers, Career:  Jill Young of Mitchell Christian(2002-2007) had 467 Three Pointers, Career;  Kieran O’Malley of Centerville (2008-2013) had 328 Three Pointers, Career.


Parkston defeated Mt. Vernon/Plankinton, 52-48 in four overtimes during the 2017 season.  The documented longest overtime games are:

6 OT: Redfield (63) vs. Wessington Spring (62), 1991

6 OT: Ethan (46) vs. Emery (43), 1987

5 OT: Wessington (50) vs. Wolsey (49)

5 OT: Bennett County (82) vs. White River (80), 2009

4 OT: Colome (55) vs. Winner (48), 1995

4 OT: Parkston (52) vs. Mt. Vernon/Plankinton (48), 2017



Josh McKinstry Establishes New Three Pointers, Game Record

Josh McKinstry of Bison established a new all-time record for Three Pointers Made, Game.  McKinstry made 14 three pointers in the Bison vs. Tiospaya Topa game on February 18, 2017.  Josh broke the previous record of 12 three pointers, established by Troy Humpal of Wakonda in 1998.

There have been several outstanding three pointers shooting performances during the 2016-2017 season.  Logan Gabur had 10 three pointers for Castlewood.  Jace Koler of Lemmon, Trey Weber of Sanborn Central, and both Trevor Olson and Tayt Vincent of Sioux Valley have had 9 three pointers in a game this season.

Three Pointers Made, Game:

14, Josh McKinstry, Bison, 2017

12, Troy Humpal, Wakonda, 1998

11, Josh Keprow, Scotland, 1998

11, Zack Horstman, Winner, 2009

11, Cory Jacobsen, Viborg, 2009

11, Forrest Murphy, Deubrook, 2004

As of February 20th, Tayt Vincent of Sioux Valley had made 235 three pointers in his career, 4th, all-time in South Dakota basketball history.  As of February 20th, Trevor Olson of Sioux Valley had made 87 three pointers during the 2016-2017 season.

Matt Cartwright of Sioux Falls O’Gorman scored 41 points in a game, which places him on the Class AA, Individual Points, Game, scoring list. Josh McKinstry of Bison scored 51 points in a game, which places him on the Class B, Individual Points, Game, scoring list.










In 2004, in conjunction with the creation of the SDPB-TV documentary, Play Like A Girl, Mariah Press created the South Dakota Girls Basketball All Decades teams.  Jim Quinn had created South Dakota Boys Basketball All Decades teams for his Quality Program Service programs back in 1979.  Sanctioned Girls High School began in South Dakota in 1975.  Mariah Press created Girls All Decades teams for 1975-1984; 1985-1994; and 1996-2005.  Remember that Girls Basketball was a Fall sport for the majority of these time periods.

We have carried out the process of creating  new All Decades teams for the time period of 2006-2015.  Following the Quality Program Service proven selection process we created a panel of former players, former coaches, media people, and sports historians to carry out the selection process.  There are three teams: Class AA, Class A, and Class B.  Each team includes the All Decades selections as well as the honorable mention category for each class.

The previous All Decades teams, as well as, the All State teams for each year are included in the Girls Basketball section of the site.




Be sure to check out the Media Archives/Mariah Press Videos section.  There are selected clips of nearly all of the restored sports game videos now available for your viewing.  It is a rather enjoyable experience.



Final, Official Records:

The Eleven Man football records are updated to include all performances from the 2015 season, as well as all recent submissions for previous years.

The Nine Man football records are updated to include all performances from the 2015 season, as well as all recent submissions for previous years.

FOOTBALL: HISTORICAL NARRATIVE; Early High School Football Championships provides a list of teams from 1904-1926 that were selected “mythical” State Football Championships in South Dakota.

 1973 Andes Central Eleven Man team recognized.



If you have a question concerning a specific record you can utilize the Inquiry section. The best means for doing a records search is to create a membership and have unlimited access to all of the South Dakota sports records.



The Selection of the first All Decades Teams will take place at the time the South Dakota High School Baseball Association website is enhanced to provide for a link with the site and



             Is there someone you believe should be a member of the first South Dakota High School Baseball All Decades Team?  You can nominate the former or current player by going to the Ask A Question section of the site. Fill in the required information; In the subject section: state All Decades Team;   In the your question section list: the player’s name, the high school he played for, the years he played varsity baseball, and the position that he played.  You can also include whether the school was a Class A or Class B team.

The list of nominations will be presented to the panel responsible for selecting the All Decades Teams.

Thank you for your contribution and participation.



              During the 2012-2013 South Dakota High School Sports season Jacob Adams of Brandon Valley played in the State Football Championship in the fall; Washington defeated Brandon-Valley.  During the Winter season Pierre defeated Brandon-Valley in the State Class AA Basketball Championship.  During the Spring season Roosevelt defeated Brandon-Valley in the State Baseball Championship.  Was Jacob the first athlete to play in three State Championships in the same high school year?

We have established that two groups of Sioux Falls O’Gorman athletes have competed in three championships in the same year.

During the 2010-11 school year, O’Gorman athletes Nick Mimmick, Austin Ridl, and Connor Schaefbauer played in the Football Championship, losing to Sioux Falls Washington; Won the State Basketball Championship against Mitchell ; and lost the State Baseball Championships in the semi-finals to Mitchell.

Previously in 2004 Trey Krier of O’Gorman played in the Football Championship; O’Gorman won over Roosevelt; O’Gorman lost to Mitchell in the 2005 State Basketball Championship; O’Gorman played in the 2005 State Baseball Championship.

Dusty Coleman and Trey Krier played for the 2005 O’Gorman State Championship football team; Krier and Coleman played on the 2006 O’Gorman State Championship Basketball team that defeated Pierre; and both played for the Knights in the 2006 State High School Baseball Championships.



On January 27, 2015 Tia Baumberger of McIntosh tied the all-time record for Class B Points Scored in a Game with 51 points.  Lauren Baumberger added 13 points. The 64 points scored total is third, all-time for two individuals scoring a game in Girls Basketball history.  


2016 GIRLS COACHES RECORDS, now available.

2015 Boys All State Teams, now available.
2016 Boys Coaches Records, now available.
Historical Narratives featuring Native American basketball presented.
Freddie Knife Tribute Video now available.


MEN’S BASKETBALL:  South Dakota Collegiate Records now available.

Restored Film Video


The South Dakota Public Broadcasting documentary, Kings Of The Court has won the Academy of Television Arts and Science’s Upper Midwest Emmy for historical documentary. The SDPB-TV productions,  100 Yards, 100 Years, A Century of High School Football In South Dakota; Play Like A Girl: A History Of Girls Basketball In South Dakota, and Kings Of The Court utilized the Mariah Press Publication, Celebration, A Century of South Dakota High School Activities And Athletics as the source publication for the sports history productions.  The site was developed as a companion piece for the productions.  The site will develop as an essential source for additional historical materials, documentation, and productions.



Only three states, Minnesota, North Dakota, and South Dakota play extensive 9-man football seasons. As a result the more thorough and complete South Dakota records permeates the National Records Book lists. Most currently established South Dakota 9-man records are also considered national records. The National Records book is converted to a digital format, quite similar to the site. The 2015 National Records book is now available in the digital format.