Inside Dakota Football – 9-M FB Included 59 Top 10 & 10 All-time Marks in ‘13

By Dan Genzler, columnist

Nine-man football was a “rush” in 2013.

The year began with Canistota extending their all-time winning streak to 37 games before rival Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan ended that run. Still, Canistota’s winning streak, which included four straight playoff appearances and three consecutive titles (2010-12) in two different classes ranks second in 9-man ranks only to Freeman, which won 46 straight from 1996-99.

During this record-breaking year, players and teams recorded 59 all-time top-10 individual or team marks with 10 all-time records set.

The year ended with Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan winning a 9-man-best seventh state title, including its sixth in 9AA with a 36-6 win over Arlington. Avon culminated their sixth unbeaten season dating to 1974 as they captured the 9B title as the Pirates rallied for a dramatic 24-22 win over Hamlin in a battle of unbeaten teams. Avon won the school’s fifth title in the playoff era, which ranks second in 9-man ranks.

And, lest we forget, Chayce Hall led Potter County (coop of Gettysburg & Hoven) to the program’s first-ever 9-man title with the best single-game passing performance in championship history regardless of class (9 man or 11-man). Hall had one of the best passing performances in 9-man history as he threw for eight TDs which tied an all-time state record and set a championship game mark. He also threw for 466 yards as Potter County won the 9A crown with a 60-22 win over previously unbeaten Leola-Frederick. No quarterback in 9-man or 11-man ranks had ever thrown for eight TDs in a championship setting. It was sweet solace for the Battlers, which was making an eighth appearance (7times as Gettysburg).

For the first time since 1996, South Dakota 9-man ranks had three running backs go over 2,000 yards rushing in a season. They included Riley Hanson, 2,345 (5th all-time) Luke Loudenburg of Howard, 2,248 (eighth all-time) and Ryne Johnson, 2,072 (16th all-time).

Three teams ranked among the top seven all-time in rushing yards with five teams in the top 10 all-time in rushing TDs for a season. Wolsey-Wessington (10-1) finished second all-time with 4,546 yards on 428 carries with 55 TDs (9th all-time) in 11 games. Avon rushed for 4,277 yards, which ranked fourth all-time with 58 TDs (7th all-time). In additional, Howard had 61 TDs (tied for 4th) and 3,980 yards which ranked 7th all-time. As a result of their performances, Wolsey-Wessington and Avon rank among six teams in history to reach 4K in team rushing in a season.  Both Deubrook Area (3,813) and Bridgewater-Emery-Ethan (3,811) had rushing totals in the top 15 all-time with Deubrook’s 61 rushing TDs ranking tied for 4th.

Aside from all that rushing, 9-man football was treated to a pair of record-breaking receiving performances. Edgemont sophomore Lathen Stevens set an all-time record with 66 catches, recording double digit (high of 12) catches three times. Wall wide receiver Trevor Anderson finished his senior campaign second on the season receiving charts with 63 catches, just falling short of matching Stevens. However, Anderson, who also had 12 catches in a game, had 1,123 receiving yards, which ranks second all-time, and he tied the all-time mark for receiving TDs with 17.

All in all, 9-man football was indeed a “rush” in 2013.

Breakdown of 9-M Top-1o and All-time Records 



Kickoff Returns, Most TDs, Game: Luke Weber, Arlington, 2

Longest Kickoff Returned For TD: Terrance Kinzer, Colome, 97 yards, 3rd all-time; Chase Bronson, Wilmot, 95 yards, 5th all-time; Jesse Brockhouse, Garretson, 92 yards, 8th all-time;  Logan Mulder,  90 yards, Avon; Chance Olson, Langford Area, 85 yards


Most Completions, Career: Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 232, 6th all-time.

Most Pass Completions, Season: Mason Ostenson, Edgemont, 136; Lane Blasius, Wall, 108;  Chase Bixler, Hitchcock-Tulare, 90; Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 90; Grant Johnson, Alcester-Hudson, 87; Bo Fries, Langford Area, 85; Scott Sentfner, Sully Buttes, 83; Chayce Hall, Potter County, 74; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 70; Andrew King, Arlington, 65; Jack Huether, Viborg-Hurley, 61; Lane Patterson, Kadoka Area, 55; Harley Mollman, Harding County, 50; Kurt Braun, Gregory, 43; Brody Grantham, Hamlin, 43

Most Pass Completions, Game: Chase Bixler, Hitchcock-Tulare, 20; Lucas Ching, Castlewood, 17; Shay Jolley, Canistota, 17; Bo Fries, Langford Area, 16; Chayce Hall, Potter County, 16* (championship game record); Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 16; Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 16; Coby Johnson, Platte-Geddes, 15; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 14; Cole Paulson, Freeman, 13

Most Passing Attempts, Season: Mason Ostenson, Edgemont, 274; all-time record; Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 187; Chase Bixler, Hitchcock-Tulare, 181; Lane Blasius, Wall, 171; Grant Johnson, Alcester-Hudson, 166; Bo Fries, Langford Area, 153; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 152; Shay Jolley, Canistota, 135; Chayce Hall, Potter County, 130; Jack Heuther, Viborg-Hurley, 129; Andrew King, Arlington, 112; Kurt Braun, Gregory, 95; Harley Mollman, Harding County, 95; Lane Patterson, Kadoka Area, 93; Brody Grantham, Hamlin, 91

Most Passing Attempts, Game: Chase Bixler, Hitchcock-Tulare, 48; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 32; Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 32, 30; Shay Jolley, Canistota, 29; Lucas Ching, Castlewood, 28; Cole Paulson, Freeman, 28, 27; Coby Johnson, Platte-Geddes, 26

Most Passing Attempts, Career: Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 553, 5th all-time.

Most Passing Yards, Season: Lane Blasius, Wall, 1,859; Scott Sentfner, Sully Buttes, 1,524; Mason Ostenson, Edgemont, 1,469; Chayce Hall, Potter County, 1,448; Andrew King, Arlington, 1,372; Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 1,369; Grant Johnson, Alcester-Hudson, 1,301; Chase Bixler, Hitchcock-Tulare, 1,287; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 1,265; Shay Jolley, Canistota, 1,189; Jack Huether, Viborg-Hurley, 1,072; Bo Fries, Langford Area, 1,067; Lane Patterson, Kadoka Area, 1,021; Kurt Braun, Gregory, 1,015

Most Passing Yards, Career: Kyler Johnson, Baltic, 3,238, 9th all-time

Most Passing Yards, Game: Chayce Hall, Potter County, 466; 3rd all-time (also championship game record in 9A).

Most Touchdown Passes Thrown, Season:     Justin Hinker, Howard, 24; Chayce Hall, Potter County, 24; Lane Blasius, Wall, 23; Scott Sentfner, Sully Buttes, 20; Dane Campbell, Leola-Frederick, 20.

Most Touchdown Passes Thrown, Game: Chayce Hall, Potter County, tied all-time record & set 9A championship game record; Scott Sentfner, Sully Buttes, 5.

Most Touchdown Passes Thrown, Half: Chayce Hall, Potter County, 6, all-time record and Class A championship game record


Most Receiving Touchdowns, Season: Trevor Anderson, Wall, 17, tied all-time record; Cody Nelson, Sully Buttes, 11; Logan Weisser, Leola-Frederick, 11

Most Receiving Yards, Career: Trevor Anderson, Wall (2011-2013) 1,276; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area (2010-2013), 921; Noah St. Pierre, Wagner (2010-13), 850; Lathen Stevens, Edgemont, 753; Cody Nelson, Sully Buttes, 677.

Most Receiving Yards, Season: Trevor Anderson, Wall, 1,134; 2nd all-time;  Lathen Stevens, Edgemont, 753; Cody Nelson, Sully Buttes, 677; Jerad Nielsen, Canistota, 553; Drew Planteen, Langford Area, 497; Lewis Hofer, Sully Buttes, 465; Dylan Kludt, Viborg-Hurley, 456; Drew Planteen, 436

Most Receiving Yards, Game: Tanner Heuer, Potter County, 214, Class A Championship Game Record.

Most Receptions, Season:  Lathen Stevens, Edgemont, 66, all-time record; Trevor Anderson, Wall, 63, 2nd all-time; Cody Nelson, Sully Buttes, 40;  Jerad Nielsen, Canistota, 34; Derrick Podoll, Leola-Frederick, 31; Miles Englebert, Edgemont, 29; Lyle LaFramboise, Alcester-Hudson, 27; Drew Planteen, Langford Area, 26; Dakota Mohler, Edgemont, 25; Clayton Koch, Harding County, 24; Dylan Kludt, Viborg-Hurley, 23; Lane Weber, Arlington, 23; Logan Weisser, Leola-Frederick, 23; Noah St. Pierre, Wagner, 22

Most Receptions, Game: Trevor Anderson, Wall, 12; Lathen Stevens, Edgemont, 12 (twice), third all-time; Stevens, 10 twice, and Cody Nelson, Sully Buttes, 10, tied for 4th all-time; Heath Schindler,  Elkton-Lake Benton, 9, 10th all-time; Stevens, 8 twice; Anderson, 8; Logan Hammer, Wilmot, 8; Drew Planteen,  Langford Area, 8


Rushing Attempts, Career: Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington (2010-2013), 500; Gage Skillingstad, Hill City (2010-13), 468; Luke Loudenburg, Howard (2011-), 447.

Rushing Attempts, Game: Chandlier Sudbeck, Kadoka Area, 46; tied 4th all-time; Nick Gortmeyer, Menno-Marion, 45; tied 6th all-time; Ben Shea, Estelline, 40; Cote Hinker, Mt. Vernon/Plankinton,  39; Luke Loudenburg, Howard, 38; Luke Weber, Arlington, 37; Nick Gortmaker, Menno-Marion, 34; Terrance Kinzer, Colome, 34; Nick Gortmeyer, Menno/Marion, 31; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 31; Cote Hinker, Mt. Vernon/Plankinton, 30; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 29; Luke Loudenburg, Howard, 29; Turner Serr, South Central, 28; Luke Weber, Arlington, 27; Darren Weiseler, Faulkton, 27

Rushing Touchdowns, Career: Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington (2010-2013), 60; Terrance Kinzer, Colome (2010-2013), 59; Luke Loudenburg, Howard (2011-), 55

Rushing Touchdowns, Season: Luke Loudenburg, Howard, 37, tied for 2nd all-time; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 34, tied for 6th all-time; Brandon Kocmich, Avon, 28; Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington, 28.

Rushing Touchdowns, Game: Austin Dossett, Chester, 7; tied 2nd all-time;  Josh Brown, Dell Rapid St. Mary’s, 6; Brandon Kocmich, Avon, 6

Most Rushing Yards, Career: Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington (2010-2013), 4,612; 8th all-time;  Luke Loudenburg (2011-), 4,142, 11th all-time; Terrance Kinzer, Colome (2010-2013), 3,839; Chandlier Sudbeck, Kadoka Area, 3,289.

Most Rushing Yards, Season: Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 2,365;5th all-time; Luke Loudenburg, Howard, 2,248, 8th all-time; Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington, 2,072, 16th all-time; Lorenzo  Williams, Wolsey-Wessington, 1,992; Brandon Kocmich, Avon, 1,895; Chandler Sudbeck, Kadoka Area, 1,782; Wade Miller, Bridgewater-Emery-Ethan, 1,744; Nick Gortmaker, 1,691; Turner Serr, Burke/South Central, 1,574; Carston Johnson, Wall, 1,564; and Josh Brown, Dell Rapids St. Mary, 1,530.

Most Rushing Yards, Game: Austin Dossett, Chester Area, 380, 12th all-time; Brandon Kocmich, Avon, 370; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 367; Chandlier Sudbeck, Colome, 359; Luke Loudenburg, Howard, 354

Rushing Yards, Per-attempt average, game: Brandon Kocmich, Avon, 13.25; 2nd all-time; Devin, Tolsma, Avon, 11.0, 4th all-time; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area, 10.7, 5th all-time; Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington, 10.5, 5th all-time.


Most Points, Career: Terrance Kinzer, Colome (2010-2013), 442; Ryne Johnson, Wolsey-Wessington (2010-13), 405; Riley Hanson, Deubrook Area (2010-2013), 380

Most Touchdowns, Career: Ryne Johnson, Wolsey Wessington (2010-2013), 60; Luke Loudenburg, Howard (2011-), 55; Chandlier Sudbeck, Kadoka Area (2010-13), 53

Most Touchdowns, Game: Austin Dossett, Chester Area, 7, tied for 2nd all-time



Most Passing Attempts, Game: Hitchcock-Tulare, 48, Castlewood, 34; Leola-Frederick, 33; Baltic, 32 (twice)

Most Passing Yards, Game: Potter County, 466, 4th all-time, State A championship game record; Baltic, 313


Most Points Scored by Team, Game: Avon over Marty, 70-12; Waverly South Shore over Waubay-Summit, 70-14; Colome over Edgemont, 68-33.

Most Points Scored by Team, Half: Colome, 66, 2nd all-time; New Underwood, 52, 9th all-time

Most Points Scored by Team, Quarter: Colome, 54, all-time record

Most Touchdowns, Game: Chester Area, 9, tied for 2nd all-time; Philip, 9, tied for 2nd all-time


Most Rushing Attempts, Season: Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 552; 2nd all-time; Avon, 504; 6th all-


Most Rushing Attempts, Game: Kadoka Area, 69, 2nd all-time; Bridgewater-Emery-Ethan, 56; Wolsey-Wessington, 56; Bridgewater-Emery-Ethan, 54 (championship game mark); Deubrook Area, 53; Langford Area, 53; Webster Area, 53; Baltic, 50.

Most Rushing Touchdowns, Season: Deubrook Area, 61; tied for 4th all-time; Howard, 61, tied for 4th all-time; Avon, 58, 7th all-time; Wolsey-Wessington, 55, 9th all-time; Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 53, tied for 10th all-time

Most Rushing Yards, Season: Wolsey-Wessington, 4,546, 2nd all-time; Avon, 4,279, 3rd all-time;

Howard, 3,980, 7th all-time; Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 3,8711, 14th all-time

Most Rushing Yards, Game: Howard, 559; 8th all-time; Parker, 542; Wolsey-Wessington, 528

Total Offense

Most Yards Gained, Season: Deubrook Area, 4,738; 6th all-time; Avon, 4,536, 7th all-time; Howard, 4,388, 9th all-time

Most Yards Gained, Game: Menno/Marion, 681, 3rd all-time; Potter County, 611, 11th all-time, championship game record; Wall, 595; Howard, 571; Deubrook Area, 548; Baltic, 546; Canistota, 544; Alcester-Hudson, 542; Deubrook Area, 536; Parker, 532; Deubrook Area, 515; Chester Area, 506; Wolsey-Wessington, 490; Hill City, 483; Kadoka Area, 481; Wall, 474.


Most Interceptions, Game: Gregory, 5

Most Interceptions, Returned For TD: Colome, 4

Most Shutouts, Season: Hamlin, 6

Winning Streaks

Consecutive Games, Won: Canistota (2010-2013), 37 games, 2nd all-time

All-time state championships: Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan, 7 (six in 9AA), all-time mark; Avon (2002-2013), 2nd all-time

Undefeated seasons (including ties); Avon (1974-2013), 6, all-time record




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