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Mariah Press/Productions and are dedicated to preserving South Dakota sports history. For the past several years Mariah Press/Productions has been involved in the efforts to preserve historical sports films and videos.

Restoration of historical films and videos has been an integral part of these documentary efforts. David Kemp of Mariah Press/Productions has served as a historical consultant for several documentaries including, Reconciliation and Roundball beginning in 1992. In recent years he has worked with South Dakota Public Television on the One Hundred Years, One Hundred Yards, The History of South Dakota High School Football; Play Like A Girl, A History of Girls Basketball In South Dakota, and the forthcoming history of Boys Basketball in South Dakota. One Hundred Years, One Hundred Yards was nominated for a regional emmy.

Mariah Press/Productions, in conjunction with Historical Footprints has provided film and video restoration for these projects, as well as for interested individuals and organizations that need film and video restoration.

The website, through the “Media Archives” section, provides the public, media and other interested people access to copies of the restored ‘historical’ films and videos. These efforts provide funds to contriubute to the ongoing efforts to preserve the sports history of South Dakota documented on films and videos.

The index includes:

1) Restored film and videos, from which DVD copies of the footage are available

2) A listing of films and videos that have been identified and indexed, but are in needed of restoration

3) A description of the procedure, including fees and expenses, to have film or video that is in need of restoration carried out.

Purchasing this DVDs will provide funding for the restoration process.

To view clips of the videos and order complete game films, click here to visit our MariahPress site and see the available films.

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